Greek Glendi Week 2020
JANUARY 12th - 19th



QUESTION: Do you have to fly out of New York, Philadelphia, Boston or Newark?

ANSWER: No, the pricing on the brochure lists New York and Newark, as many of our customers are local to these airports.  We have customers who come from Chicago, Mississippi, Florida, Los Angeles, South Carolina, Canada and even Europe.  You let us know where you want to fly out of and we will put a package together based on the air cost from your desired city

QUESTION:  What is included in the package?

ANSWER:  The price includes, travel, hotel lodging, transfers (transportation service to and from airport to hotel), all meals, beverages, including all alcoholic beverages, live Greek entertainment every other night, taxes and service fees

QUESTION:  Can I book my own hotel package and be a part of the group?

ANSWER:  No.  We have a group contract and have blocked rooms, entertainment areas, and the banquet facility for our group members.  No one outside the group will be allowed to participate in any of the entainment nights and other activities planned.  No exceptions will be made to this.

QUESTION:  Is there single occupancy rooms available and is the pricing the same as what is advertised on the brochure?

ANSWER:  Yes, there is single occupancy available, but the pricing is different than the advertised pricing. The advertised pricing is based on 2 persons per room.  Single occupancy is more expensive and can be priced upon request.

QUESTION:  Can I book my own airfare?  

ANSWER: Yes.  Airfare is seperate from the hotel agreement and those who have miles and would like to purchase their own airfare can do so.  If you wish to purchase your own airfare, simply deduct $400 per person from the listed prices.

QUESTION:  Do you offer travlers insurance?

ANSWER:  Yes, you can purchase travelers insurance covering trip interruptions, health conditions and other weather related travel issues.  The insurance covers and provides coverage only on the land portion of your trip.  Airfare is typically addressed directly with airlines.  The rate depends on age and state of residence.  All insurance quotes to be provided upon request.

QUESTION:  How far is the airport from the hotel and what type of road conditions can I expect?

ANSWER:  The distance from the airport to the hotel is 20 mins.  All roads are well paved and remind you of highway traffic in Florida.  

QUESTION:  Is there wifi?

ANSWER:  There is free wifi on the entire property, including rooms and beach.

QUESTION:  Is there a minifridge stocked w/ beverages?

ANSWER:  Yes, there is a mini-fridge stocked with beverages daily, including bottled water, all complimentary.  

QUESTION:  Is the water drinkable and do they provide bottled water?

ANSWER:  All water served to guests is filtered and drinkable.  In addition, bottled water is readily available at no extra cost.  


QUESTION:  What type of people and what is the average age of those attending?  

ANSWER:  Most attendees are couples late 40's through 70's.  

QUESTION:  Are children allowed?  

ANSWER:  This is an ADULTS ONLY RESORT.  No children are allowed.

QUESTION:  Are there beach chairs and towels? 

ANSWER:  Yes, and we will have a section for our group, which is first come first serve on the chairs.  There are plenty of chairs but we suggest getting to the beach early to ensure you get the area blocked off for our group.

QUESTION:  Are all of the restaurants included in our All-Inclusive?

ANSWER:  All of the restaurants feature a large option of items that are part of the All-Inclusive menus.  This includes entrees and drinks.  PLEASE NOTE there are some items on the menu that do have an additional cost and are clearly labeled on the menus. This includes both entrees and wines.  If you order any items on the menu that have an additional cost, they will be billed to your room and this is NOT included in the all-inclusive priced package.

QUESTION:  What forms of payment do you accept?

ANSWER:  Cash, Check, Cards, Direct Wire Transfers.  

PLEASE NOTE:  There is an extra 3.75% processing fee on credit cards

QUESTION:  I would like to have a room next to another couple we are traveling with, is this possible?

ANSWER:  We try to accommodate all requests on the rooms but the hotel has the final say on rooms and reservations.  Asteria Productions promises your room category and will inform the resort on rooming requests but any and all matters pertaining to rooming requests (outside your rooming category) will need to be addressed directly with the hotel